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The intent of this tool is to provide Flash Files (.fla) that demonstrate the concept of using Flash Varibles to achieve proper tracking in the DFA system.

  • 1. Select the version of ActionScript you’re using (AS2 or AS3).
  • 2. Select the type of sample Flash file (FLA) to download.
  • 3. Click Search.
  • 4. Read the descriptions for each sample file, then click the link to download the appropriate file.

You are responsible for working with your creative developer regarding best practices relating to the Flash Version, Action Script Version and Action Script Code used to achieve specific requirements on how the creative should behave (this includes how your creative will interact with Browsers, Browser Settings, Pop-up blockers, Tool Bars, etc).

  • AS2
  • AS3
  • clickTag
  • Image Floodlight
  • Dynamic Floodlight
  • Special Tracking
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