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Tag Assistant (by Google)

Introducing Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant (by Google) is your first step for verifying and troubleshooting Doubleclick for Advertiser tag implementation. Tag Assistant automatically finds DCM tags on websites, displays useful information about them and scans tags for common issues that could affect serving and reporting.
Features include:

Check Implementation

Identify all DCM tags implemented on a webpage. Click into each tag for more information.

Supports 1x1, standard image, iFrame, JavaScript, Floodlight, and click tracker tags.

Click into DCM

For ad tags only, click on the campaign ID to be redirected to DCM. You will only be able to access accounts where you have an active login.

Diagnose Implementation Errors

Click into tags with "Critical Issues" or "Minor Issues" to see specific error messages and get suggestions on how to fix them.

For a list of common errors see Tag Assistant Help Center.

Get Tag and Account Information

Ad tags: Network ID, Campaign ID, Tag Type, Ad Size, Url, Site String, Ord
Floodlight: Advertiser ID, Activity Category, Activity Type, Ord, Quantity, Cost, Custom Variables
Click Trackers: HTML Snippet

A "working" status in Tag Assistant does not guarantee the tag to serve and track correctly.
Tag Assistant does not detect all possible errors with tag implementation and ad serving.

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